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Woodburners - to burn or not to burn
Juggling enforcement tools & tensions

With the worst air quality in the North Island the Regional Council had to tackle Rotorua woodburners - their sacred cows. Taking a carrot and stick approach to the problem, we're now at the pointy end of the stick! Implementing the solid fuel burner rules puts enforcement staff at the coal face. Staff are juggling: conflicting legal opinions; community buy in/opposition/craftiness; night fieldwork; some of the highest deprivation in New Zealand; finding the most effective tools (thermal imaging, drones); retaining their professional integrity (and a heart)! Our approach is working. We're seeing good results, but the challenges (which will be unpacked) appear relentless.


Marion Henton
Senior Regulatory Project Officer, Bay of Plenty Regional Council


Marion Henton is a Senior Regulatory Project Officer for Bay of Plenty Regional Council. She oversees the Rotorua Air Quality Implementation Programme. When Rotorua burner regulations came into force, Marion moved from planning into compliance to enforce the rules. Marion is passionate about making a difference. She works with the most vulnerable in Rotorua making their homes warmer & healthier (the spinoff to improving air quality). Outside work she'll be hiking or checking her trapline. 




Friday 3 November


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