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The Environmental Compliance Conference is two full days of practical learning, walking tour, exhibition and workshops from renowned experts, focused on practical and tactical solutions to compliance problems and opportunities in New Zealand.


Foster the professional development of compliance officers

Learn about best practice from recognised experts

Encourage professional debate within the sector

Address key issues through practical case studies

Hear the views of key stakeholders

Full Details coming soon….

It brings together local government officers with the opportunity to connect with some of the leading minds in the compliance world - to hear the views of experienced peers, exchange ideas, review best practice, learn from case studies and catch up with their colleagues.

With a focus on the latest practices, tools and strategies from leading industry experts, we aim to deliver practical knowledge and expertise on how to be more effective, efficient and up to date on Environmental Compliance in NZ. We’ll explore next generation compliance tools, improving environmental performance, theories, innovations and practical applications in a New Zealand context.

Presentations will be structured within the following key themes:

  • Reform: Practitioners will soon face significant changes that impact on how they work, with RM Reform, Three Waters and other changes ahead in the Local Government space. RM reform is coming over the horizon and this is the opportunity to share how we are preparing for change, as well as how we incorporate Maturanga Māori into compliance and enforcement.

  • Education: How embedded is environmental compliance in the education of planners and others working in the environmental field? And how are we educating more widely for pollution prevention, evidence gathering and community engagement?

  • Responding to Emergencies: This summer we saw large scale emergencies across the motu. How can we share resources and ideas about how to respond to large scale emergencies. How is this working in practice to make us better prepared?

  • Innovation and Technology: ECC is a chance to share updates in the fast-moving area of innovation and technology. What will this mean for EC practitioners?

  • Role of Mana Whenua: What opportunities are there for Council’s to involve mana whenua in compliance monitoring and enforcement activities as kaitiaki?

  • Rural and industrial issues: ECC will draw on rural experiences that are different to those in urban areas. What are the challenges and progress in this area?

  • Urban environmental issues: Global stormwater consents are one of many big compliance issues that those working in environmental compliance will faces as we increase and intensify our urban areas.

Who Should Attend 


Officers and team leaders from Regional, District and City Councils are invited including:

  • Front Line Compliance Officers

  • Enforcement Officers

  • Incident Response Officers

  • Pollution Prevention Officers

  • Compliance Managers

This Conference may also be of interest to Planners, Resource Consent Officers and Central Government.


Here’s what previous attendees have had to say about ECC:


“Was most impressed by the keynote speakers! The content was relevant, training/refresher element and pier experiences was valuable.”

“Loved the diversity of presentations!”

“The conference was varied and addressed a large proportion of the audience interests”

“The conference was really helpful! Since we got to choose what presentation we went to, we could all benefit”

“The content was great. The range of content appealed to all aspects of my job”

“The gala dinner was spectacular in the cardboard cathedral and Kilmarnock presentation was really moving. The opening night function was great as well, easy to meet and talk to people and a good way to start connections not only for the duration of the conference but also for future compliance advise from external agencies”

“It was a really great experience with a lot of take away learnings”

“Excellent conference, would highly recommend to other people”

“Fantastic! I will be keen to come again and I have encouraged others in my team to come next year”

“This was by far the best conference I have been to. The keynote speakers were outstanding! Well done”

“Excellent experience and good value for money”



26th – 28th November 2024
Tākina Wellington Convention & Exhibition Centre

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