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Who is actually Responsible


Who's fault is it when it all goes wrong and there is a discharge of contaminants to a waterway? Is it the consent holder? The Consultant? The main contractor? Sub-contractor or the digger operator? When something goes wrong there can be a series of events leading up to the incident where each little mistake adds up. Each party has different responsibilities to ensure they do their part.
This presentation using a recent case study as an example will cover how to establish what each different entities responsibility and culpability are for an RMA offence. The case study relates to a discharge to an urban stream that at first glance appeared to be a straightforward mistake but from further investigation it became apparent that there were numerous big and small mistakes made from multiple different entities which all contributed to the incident. 


Matthew Wilson
Senior Incident Response Officer, Environment Canterbury


My name is Matthew Wilson. I have BSc in Chemistry from the University of Canterbury. I have worked at Environment Canterbury for the last two years as a senior incident response officer. I have over 10 years of experience in the environmental sector primarily in air quality measurement and consulting. I enjoy looking at the root cause of problems and coming up with practical solutions. 



Thursday 2 November


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