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Over Spiced
A case study of Spicer Landfill and its on-going odour issues from a regulators perspective

Spicer Landfill was established in 1976 in Porirua's Spicer Valley and has offered the local districts a place to dispose of its waste for over 45 years. Unfortunately, at times the landfill also effects the Tawa urban area with regular odour issues.  
With the landfills operational life coming to end the Porirua City Council has started to look towards applying for a new resource consent to extend its life.  Concurrently odour complaints have steadily increased and the residents of the local suburb have had enough. What happens when the unstoppable force of public pressure hits the immovable bulk of an essential landfill?
In this talk we will discuss: 

  • the complexities and strategies around monitoring the compliance of this odorous site; 

  • what tools the regulator has to enforce the conditions of consent; 

  • how to try and manage the expectations of the community of the regulator;

  • the effects on the well-being of the responding officers; and 

  • what solutions can be implemented to de-escalate this spicy issue. 


Friday 3 November



Kagan Morcom
Resource Advisor/ Monitoring Officer, Greater Wellington Regional Council


Kagan Morcom is a Resource Advisor within Greater Wellington's Environmental Regulation Team.  Kagan has been the compliance officer for a number of challenging projects ranging from large scale earthworks sites to complicated and odorous landfills.  Prior to becoming a Resource Advisor, Kagan was an Environmental Technical Support Officer in GW's Environmental Protection Team assisting with investigations and enforcement actions. 


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