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Jackie Adams
Compliance and Enforcement Manager, Office of the Privacy Commissioner / Te Mana Matapono Matatapu


Conference MC and Featured Speaker

Jackie Adams started his career as a water engineer in the British Army, before becoming a police officer serving with the Royal Ulster Constabulary and New Zealand Police. While in the Police he was in the Criminal Investigation Bureau and worked in child protection, adult sexual abuse, drugs, terrorism and general CIB. After 25 years of wearing a uniform he joined the West Coast Regional Council as the regulatory manager before then moving to MBIE as National Compliance Manger. From October 2020 Jackie has been the Enforcement manager with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner looking after the new Privacy Act 2020


Privacy Compliance

Privacy is becoming more and more important. Online fraud is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide.  In New Zealand the Privacy Act changed in 2020 and the Privacy Commissioner was given the ability to prosecute agencies for breaches of the Act. Learn what the changes mean for you and how you can help protect the people whose information you hold.


Featured Speaker:

Thursday 8th December
10:30pm (60min)

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