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Using the PEACE model for witness interviews


Why do we interview?

  • to gather accurate and truthful information

  • to get answers to the 5W's (Who, what, when, why, where) & How

  • to open up further lines of enquiry

This is a BASIC overview of the PEACE model of interviewing, what it means, how it can be used to great effect and how to implement these practices into your witness interviews.

We will explore the differences in Open and Closed questions, and how to get the best out of your witness, even information they didn't think THEY knew!


Wednesday 13th Nov, 11:30am



  • Kathy Fergus
    Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Kathy Fergus
Senior Investigator, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment


Kathy Fergus is a Senior Investigator in the Energy & Resource Markets branch at MBIE. Her career in investigation began with 13 years as a Police Officer in South Wales Police, 9 years of those as a Detective within CID, CPU and MCIT. After moving to NZ 11 years ago, Kathy worked as an investigator with Housing NZ and MSD, and as a Senior Analyst at Defence. Before joining MBIE in 2019, Kathy worked at NZ Police co-ordinating the operational trial of a NZ Fixated Threat Assessment Centre.


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