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Getting real time data with the Waka
Real-time monitoring of water quality on construction sites

As compliance becomes more challenging HEB Construction have sought a more effective and efficient way of monitoring the quality of the water discharged from its projects. HEB have encountered the usual challenges of sensor reliability and calibration, sensor selection and suitability, data quality and validation, data transmission and communication, cost and resources and the analysis and management of data to properly enable integrated decision making.

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that involves robust sensor technology, data management systems, quality control measures, and effective collaboration among stakeholders. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for harnessing the full potential of real-time water quality monitoring and utilizing the data to support better water resource management and decision-making.

Riverwatch and HEB have partnered to explore a better way for monitoring water quality associated with construction sites. 

This presentation will track the progress of two deployments of Riverwatch's "waka" floating remote sensing instrument platforms on a construction site in Wellington, in a lamella sediment treatment tank, and a site in Auckland in a large sediment retention pond.
In a NZ first this highly effective real-time technology has been deployed into an environment it wasn't designed for but has consequently performed well. 

The presentation will examine the learnings and benefits for consent holders, regulatory monitoring officers and the environment. It will lead to a discussion on the adoption of a universal resource consent condition that if applied to all land use consents for earthworks across the entire country will end decades of resource consent condition inconsistency and frustration.


Friday 3 November



Abi Croutear-Foy
Chief Growth Officer, RiverWatch


Abi Croutear-Foy is the Chief Growth Officer at Riverwatch Ltd, a cleantech solution developed in New Zealand to solve a global need for continuous water quality monitoring.

RiverWatch is helping Aotearoa understand and manage the full picture of water quality.

Abi has worked in Europe and New Zealand and has a background in change management and stakeholder engagement. 


Chris Wilcox
Senior Environmental Advisor, HEB Construction Ltd 


Dr. Chris Wilcox is a Senior Environmental Advisor with HEB Construction Ltd where he is a water quality lead. While he is based in Auckland Chris assists with construction projects all over New Zealand and has been with HEB Construction now for 4 years as part of a team of highly skilled in-house environmental management staff. In February 2023 Chris presented at the International Erosion & Sediment Control Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


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