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Breakout Session

Thriving as a compliance officer


This presentation will draw on my decades of experience in compliance roles and provide various suggestions for how compliance officers can thrive, regardless of the difficulty of the work and the current constantly changing context in which compliance officers are working.

The presentation will provide practical advice for compliance officers such as:


  • The need to remind yourself that you are making a difference – without compliance officers, plans, bylaws and resource consent conditions may have no effect.

  • The importance of celebrating your successes.

  • A reminder that you can’t do everything – there are limited hours in a working day.

  • Don’t expect perfection from yourself.

  • Ask for help when you need it.

The presentation will also cover how to deal with difficult people and the importance of training and support for compliance officers.

The aim is for this to be an interactive session, discussion amongst attendees will be encouraged during the presentation.




Janet Whiteside
Strategic Environmental Consultant, Brighta Consulting.


Janet Whiteside is a Strategic Environmental Consultant with Brighta Consultancy. She has an LLM in Environmental Law with Distinction from Auckland University and has been admitted to the Bar in New Zealand and Fiji. She has been involved in compliance and enforcement for 33 years in organisations including the then Race Relations Office, the Commerce Commission, and Auckland Council.
Janet held senior positions in compliance and enforcement with Auckland Council for 17 years and is regarded as


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