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Breakout Session 


Streamlining Regulatory Workflows


Auckland Council's Innovative Approach to Environmental Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance

12 environmental monitoring officers, 12 thousand consents. This is a snapshot of the ever-changing responsibilities of just one of the five environmental monitoring teams at Auckland Council. The question has always been, what can be done to make such a workload more streamlined for regulators in a fast paced and demanding industry. 

When we consider the theme of how to thrive in a regulatory environment, we must give thought to what prevents our monitoring officers from solving challenges efficiently. Often, this is admin heavy tasks from a lack of automation, double handling of work, and a poor system for recording ongoing compliance. 

Auckland Council have been working with a new compliance system over the last 9 months, involving an integrated compliance tracker and app that centralises compliance recording for the benefit of monitoring officers and consent holders. This presentation will delve into the drivers and key components of the new system, and how our officers utilise it to monitor compliance with resource consents. 
Join us to learn about the system with perspectives from a monitoring officer using the system daily, and a team leader observing performance through their team’s use of the system. We will present a demonstration of the compliance tracker and app, speaking to its functionality, ease of use, and future considerations for improvements within this space. 




Nicole Brand
Environmental Monitoring Officer, Auckland Council


Nicole is an environmental monitoring officer with the Northern team at Auckland Council. As an officer for 2.5 years, she has managed a large workload with competing demands, utilising two different compliance systems within this time. Nicole is looking forward to meeting like minded individuals at the conference, and is excited to share her thoughts and experiences with Auckland Councils new compliance app and tracker! 


Sharvari Abhyankar
Team Leader- Environmental Monitoring, Auckland Council


Sharvari is a Operations manager and People Leader who leads the vision and strategy to create high functioning teams. She has over 8 years of success in on-site and remote environments. She makes an impact when brought into challenging environments where quick decision making, technical expertise and use of technological advances to improve the quality of work is key.  Sharvari is using Auckland Councils new Compliance App and tracker and is keen to share its impact with others in the industry.


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