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Breakout Session

Resilient enforcers


Essential skills and processes


Enforcement officers face a range of pressures —from defendants, ratepayers, internal demands, and court requirements. Having excellent skills and policy backing allows enforcement officers to bounce back from tough situations.


Laying a solid foundation during investigations is a first step. This includes mastering the basics, addressing common problems, and gathering evidence —such as taking photos, jotting down notes effectively, interviewing witnesses and defendants, and properly managing information.


The second step is having good policies in place to help officers make the right decisions. Good policy includes having clear guidelines for decision makers and adapting when new evidence arises, together with an understanding of the framework an officer operates in.


Ultimately, building a resilient process builds a resilient officer. By prioritizing obtaining the right information, and having in place effective processes, officers can stay composed under pressure, and achieve the best outcomes for the environment, while maintaining resilience in challenging situations. Come to this seminar to understand the critical basics for an enforcement officer in carrying out an investigation, what evidence is needed and how to lawfully obtain it, and to discuss the key decisions made by an officer, and the framework in which those decisions are made.




Stephen Quinn
Partner, DLA Piper.


Stephen is a litigation partner who specialises in environmental, infrastructure, building and local government litigation. Stephen has been at DLA Piper for over 30 years.  He specialises in a wide variety of statutory and decision-making processes, and has significant enforcement experience, including prosecutions under the RMA and Building Act, and all other environmental enforcement options.

Kate Rogers
Senior Associate, DLA Piper.


She has significant experience in compliance and enforcement for Councils, regularly appearing in the Court in relation to enforcement matters. She has acted for Councils in relation to enforcement action under the Resource Management Act, the Building Act, the Health Act and Bylaws. This includes providing advice on enforcement options and representing Council in hearings on enforcement matters.

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