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Breakout Session

Ponding Pig Effluent


How to thrive and get a successful prosecution


In August 2022, PIC New Zealand Ltd (PIC) discharged piggery effluent onto saturated, freshly winter-grazed bare land, resulting in significant effluent ponding running the length of the paddock behind the travelling irrigator.

This action directly contravened their resource consent, which stipulated that effluent discharge should be limited to grazed pasture and must not cause ponding.

Over the subsequent 18 months PIC had no choice but to have all effluent removed from site as they were unable to comply with the conditions of their discharge consent. 

On March 7th, 2024, PIC were convicted of one charge of causing potential contamination to groundwater through its piggery effluent discharges to land and fined $29,000. Whilst this was successful, we learnt some lessons that could have made things easier. We’ll show you how to thrive while working at the pointy end of compliance.

In particular: 


  • How to ensure that the summary of facts contains all the relevant information……. How omitting details from the summary of facts impacted the case; 

  • How to work with new consent applications while prosecuting;

  • How past history of compliance can be helpful for court. 




Zoe Arts
Resource Management Officer, Environment Canterbury


Zoe Arts is an experienced Resource Management Officer at Environment Canterbury. She specialises in monitoring resource consents for rural activities, quarries, cleanfills and closed landfills.  Her background in Environmental Policy and Planning has set her up well for the regulatory aspects of being a compliance officer.  In her spare time she enjoys outdoor adventures and rock climbing


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