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Northland Forestry Environmental WG
what it does and why it works

We have had some success in Northland with our Forestry Environmental working group which is an industry led group aimed at connecting local and central government agencies with industry professionals at every level. It was a pivotal tool during the implementation of the NES-PF in terms of developing our monitoring programme and communicating our expectations with industry. Since then, the group has been a vehicle for ongoing education/information sharing as well as a mechanism for creating accountability and a degree of self-regulation within industry. The key messaging throughout this presentation will be the importance of education and building/maintaining relationships to achieve compliance as well as what we have learnt, and the challenges faced along the way.


Zivana Pauling
Compliance Monitoring Manager - Primary Industries, Northland Regional Council


I joined the Northland Regional Council in 2018 as an Environmental Monitoring Officer - Forestry. During my time in that role, I was involved with creating and refining processes for the NES-PF implementation in Northland, especially for field monitoring. Since then I have changed roles within NRC a couple of times, first to work on our fish passage project and finally to Compliance Monitoring Manager - Primary Industries. 



Friday 3 November


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