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Breakout Session

Moving forward together


A collaborative approach to achieving improved environmental compliance outcomes in the three waters sector.


Compliance with Resource Consents and environmental regulations is fundamental to achieving positive environmental outcomes. However, in an ever-changing environment where regulatory and financial pressures on service providers are increasing, regulators and service providers working together and not apart has proven to be a key principle in the CME process. This session will showcase how the collaborative approach between the Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council has led to improved environmental compliance outcomes in the three waters sector, focusing on examples where CME action has been a driver for both relationship building, and for building innovative infrastructure.  We will look at the how the CME role is viewed between the agencies, and within a wider context, and discuss how taking an open and collaborative approach has created a strong working relationship that focuses on achieving and maintaining positive outcomes. 




Eve Aitken
Senior Environmental Officer, Otago Regional Council


Bio will be available soon.


Scott Campbell


Bio will be available soon.


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