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Sophie Handford
Councillor, Kāpiti Coast District Council


Keynote Speaker


Friday 3rd November

Sophie Handford is a 22-year-old Councillor, activist from Kāpiti, New Zealand. Since a young age, Sophie has held the environment closely and always felt a strong connection to and need to protect this one planet we share. She founded School Strike 4 Climate in Aotearoa NZ and went on to coordinate the movement which mobilised 170,000 people across the country in September of 2019, united for climate justice. She then ran for Council at the age of 18 and was elected as one of Aotearoa’s youngest Councillors, onto the Kāpiti Coast District Council. She’s now chairing its Strategy, Operations and Finance Committee. 


Being good ancestors

Her insights are rooted in the Future Generations Commission for Wales and their Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act. With a focus on compliance professionals across Aotearoa, Sophie emphasizes unity in our environmental efforts. Highlighting the urgency to act for the present and future, she underscores the environment's silent plea for our attention. Sophie's presentation delves into leveraging compliance monitoring within resource consent processes to extend positive impacts beyond adherence. She envisions aligning compliance actions with broader environmental enhancement and community engagement. The discourse probes the potential of incentives as catalysts for proactive protection measures. Sophie's address aims to transform familiar tools of compliance into proactive drivers of environmental well-being.

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