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Keeping it techincally simple


As with every Regional Council, BOPRC operates an incident response team responsible for all calls that come into Council via the dedicated Pollution Hotline and other avenues. This role has previously been seen as an entry level position, offering a quick dive into the realm of incident response and a generalist experience of regional rules, policies, legislation etc.

Yet now, in 2023, we are a highly technical, experienced team with little staff turnover and a proactive approach to customer engagement.

Having staff who are all over our own rules and relevant legislation, with a solid understanding of the roles of other agencies (Worksafe, TLA's, FENZ) and good relationships with key contacts, the public aren't left with the "not us" response.

The team drives implementation of new rules and regulations to the public and other affected agencies. We operate a seasonal communications plan and use social media platforms to educate and encourage compliance and the use of various pollution reporting tools.

Our proactive measures have seen a reduction in calls made to the hotline because our staff are already out patrolling areas and are visible to the public.


Friday 3 November


Jacqui Mackle
Compliance Officer Triage and Response, Bay of Plenty Regional Council


Have been in the world of environmental compliance for over 20 years; wastewater pollution response and trade waste are my area of expertise as well as conflict resolution and de-escalation communication. I work as Triager within the Incident Response team at Bay of Plenty Regional Council as well as doing compliance montoring of landfill sites, asbestos fill sites and Lake Structures.


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