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Industrial and Trade Activities


A proactive compliance programme in the Auckland Region


Water testing within the Auckland Region has shown that there are contaminants in our waterways which are often linked to industrial or trade activities. With the high number of businesses that undertake these activities, primarily operating under Permitted Activity rules, compliance to date has largely been reactive. The Industrial and Trade Activity Proactive Programme looks at all businesses within a single stormwater catchment area with the aim of establishing baseline compliance levels, identifying high-risk industries and barriers to compliance and to increasing compliance with the relevant rules.


Visits to date have shown low baseline compliance levels, with widespread lack of knowledge about the correct procedures or requirements. 

Undertaking a project of this scale has meant utilising different technologies, engaging with business and industry associations and collaborating with mana whenua and existing water improvement project groups. 




Katrina Channing
Principal Specialist Compliance, Auckland Council


Katrina Channing is a Principal Specialist in the Proactive Compliance team at Auckland Council. She has been in a compliance role for over 10 years and in this time has been involved with enforcing the Resource Management, Local Government, Building and Biosecurity Acts. More recently, Katrina has also been involved with investigating and implementing new technologies to assist with compliance work. 


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