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Breakout Session

How should we deal with SW problems?


Resolution based compliance and proactive targeting of specific problems.


The 2023 weather events, repeal of 3 Waters legislation and Climate Change are all creating a new CME reality in the world of stormwater and how we deal with human caused water problems.

This presentation will discuss how the Compliance unit at Auckland Council has changed it’s way of dealing with complaints and stormwater problems to better face the future. This includes the establishment of a new stormwater team which has taken a proactive and collaborative approach to resolving problems. 

Staff are specialists in the area of stormwater while having to have a wide knowledge of all the legislation. They are resolution focused and have to work with numerous stakeholders including other regulatory bodies, service providers, experts, home owners and community groups.

The information being gathered is now enabling the team to see patterns of problems and/or non-compliance and helping to predict where to best allocate our resources next. 

The presentation will also discuss what other benefits have come from the new team’s work, including the reduced workload on other compliance teams, forging better relationships with other departments within council, and feeding information back into the planning process for the future.  




Cate Longley
Senior Compliance Specialist Stormwater, Auckland Council.


Cate Longley is a Senior Specialist in the Proactive Compliance unit at Auckland Council.  At the time of the 2023 weather events she was the long term acting team leader for the Central (Auckland) Compliance team.  


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