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2021 Environmental Compliance Conference

19 – 21 October
Christchurch Town Hall
Ōtautahi - Christchurch

The 2021 Environmental Compliance Conference will bring together local government officers, to hear the views of experienced peers, exchange ideas, review best practice, learn from case studies and catch up with their colleagues. 

Objectives of the Conference:

  • Foster the professional development of compliance officers

  • Learn about best practice from recognised experts

  • Encourage professional debate within the sector

  • Address key issues through practical case studies

  • Hear the views of key stakeholders

  • With a focus on the latest practices, tools and strategies from leading industry experts, we aim to deliver practical knowledge and expertise on how to be more effective, efficient and up to date on Environmental Compliance in NZ. We’ll explore next generation compliance tools, improving environmental performance, theories, innovations and practical applications in a New Zealand context.

  • Presentation topics will be structured within four key themes and attendees will be able to select which sessions they wish to attend. We are specifically seeking presenters who can address the following key 4 themes:

  • Compliance and Enforcement: The rules have changed, but have we? We want to investigate everyday monitoring issues facing compliance professionals and how we approach them, as well as how we incorporate Mātauranga Maori into compliance and enforcement. We’re keen to analyse case studies, look at lessons learned and relevant legal advice.

  • Compliance Innovations: How do we break ground without using last century’s spade? Let’s explore emerging technologies, out of the box collaboration and partnerships, relating to health and safety and risk assessments.

  • Legislation changes: When is a wetland not a wetland, when is a dam not a dam? From the ground up – how are we managing the large number of changes – how are organisations adapting to the changes and challenges presented with RMA Reform, NES-FM, 3 Waters Reform and Dam regulations?

  • Pollution Prevention and Incident Response: How do we reduce the number of ambulances at the bottom of the cliff? Let’s consider Kaitiakitanga, educating for pollution prevention, evidence gathering and community liaison and engagement – driving behaviour change through closer collaboration with community groups.


This year we are offering a hybrid conference so if you are unable to join us in-person, you can still attend conference from anywhere with an internet connection. 

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Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship packages and Exhibition spaces are still available for the 2021 Environmental Compliance Conference! 


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