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Breakout Session 


GHD Terra – Transforming Compliance


Compliance with resource consents presents an operational challenge for consent holders. It contributes meaningfully to operational costs and represents a risk where non-compliance influences the future of operations, may trigger remedial works, and influences capital expenditure. As practitioners, we see consent holders struggling with resourcing, data collection and quality, compliance management and reporting. Increasingly, there is demand for improvements in efficiency,  accuracy and overall visibility of compliance risk. 
GHD Terra is an enterprise data solution for site assessment and compliance management, developed through collaboration of GHD practitioners and key clients. Developed in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment and with process automation technology, GHD Terra consolidates operational, environmental and consent information, provides real-time dashboards and automates the generation of compliance reports and stakeholder communications.  Used internally within GHD, Terra is also being provided as an enterprise solution for our clients as a transformative change in compliance efficiency, accuracy and visibility.   


Thursday 28th Nov
1:15pm - 1:45pm


Anthony Kirk
Technical Director and Environmental Scientist, GHD

Anthony is a GHD Technical Director and Environmental Scientist, with extensive experience across APAC in assessing, consenting, and managing the effects of activities on the environment. He has particular expertise in optimising the environmental outcomes of investment, and provides environmental strategy for policy, infrastructure planning and adaptive management.  As a technical expert Anthony provides peer review and presents evidence at council hearings and the environment court regarding groundwater, surface water, water quality and public health effects. He also contributes to the development of standards and guidance, having co-authored regional guidance for wastewater disposal and national guidance for site assessment. When not supporting clients with environmental expertise, Anthony leads initiatives for technology-based transformation of environmental management, including in areas of data collection, analytics, data management and use. 

Tim McGuigan
Business Development Leader and Digital/Technology Professional, GHD

Pradip is a results-driven business development leader and Digital/Technology professional with GHD, having  more than 22 years of experience in technology program management, digital strategy, enterprise data architecture and digital innovation across multiple industries. He has a strong track record of leading global technology implementations,  driving business impact and organizational transformation using Digital. Pradip works with GHD core services in NA and APAC leading Digital services in waste management, circular economy,  environment and transport areas, and oversees integration of IoT, analytics and automation into GHD digital solutions.  Experienced in collaborating across matrixed organizations, Pradip provides effective communication for a broad range of audiences, and bridges the gap between business strategy, operations, and technology needs. 

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