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Breakout Session

Environmental Impact


The Role of Permitted Activity Monitoring


A permitted activity is allowed without a resource consent to authorise minor activities unlikely to pose adverse effects, they often go unnoticed and unaccounted for. However, the discovery of the volume of non-compliant permitted activities in the Bay of Plenty Region, underlines the significant and cumulative impact on the environment, and prompted the establishment of two new permanent “permitted activity monitoring” positions, dedicated to proactively identifying and addressing these concerns. Within the first two years of permitted activity monitoring a growing list of roughly 600 sites of interest were identified to require assessment against the permitted activity rules for earthworks, on-site effluent treatment systems and water takes. An alternative approach to environmental compliance monitoring purportedly providing impactful environmental outcomes in an area we may not proactively monitor. This presentation with reference to case studies will address the challenges of permitted activity monitoring, including the lack of information and documentation, as well as navigating public engagement in this innovative compliance landscape. We’ll also discuss the tools implemented to support compliance staff, providing fair and effective environmental outcomes and why we’re collaborating with industry to increase reach and response. Finally, we’ll reflect on notable environmental achievements influenced by varying levels of enforcement due to permitted activity monitoring to illustrate the opportunities in this area.




Sophia Campbell
Regulatory Compliance Officer, Bay of Plenty Regional Council.


Sophia Campbell is a Regulatory Compliance Officer for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Compliance Water Team and holds a BSc in Microbiology. With experience in earthworks, on-site effluent treatment systems, and water takes she's supported the implementation of the permitted activity monitoring programme. Passionate about fair enforcement and positive environmental outcomes, Sophia emphasizes the need for innovation and collaboration to address unperceived activities.

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