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Digital environmental management
Applying digital innovation to manage construction environmental compliance

The Eastern Busway Alliance (EBA) has been applying digital techniques to aid its environmental compliance during delivery of a major urban construction project. Developments in drone technology and digital processing have made producing erosion and sediment control plans more efficient. Digital site surveys have been used to produce 3D as-built models of sediment treatment devices to demonstrate compliance with regional guidelines. EBA is also using geographic information systems to map sensitive ecological areas, land contamination and identify in-situ monitoring locations at sensitive receivers. Additionally, accurate and up-to-date imagery, along with flow path modelling has been critical in identifying potential sources of erosion and sediment generation, allowing corrective actions prior to forecast extreme rainfall events.


Alex Bees
Environmental Lead, Fletcher Construction


Alex is an Environmental Lead with Fletcher Construction currently based in the Eastern Busway Alliance in Auckland. He has experience managing environmental compliance and implementing best-practice on large construction projects. 



Thursday 2 November


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