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Call for Abstracts
Be part of the 2023 EC Conference

Would you like to present at the 2023 Environmental Compliance Conference?  We invite you to submit your abstract TODAY!


All abstracts must be submitted by Friday 26 May 2023.

Submitters will be advised of their acceptance by late June 2023.

All Power Point presentations are due by Friday 6 October 2023.

The 2023 ECC organising committee is now receiving abstracts to be considered for the 19th annual Environmental Compliance Conference being held in Wellington, 1 – 3 November.




With a focus on the latest practices, tools and strategies from leading industry experts, we aim to deliver practical knowledge and expertise on how to be more effective, efficient and up to date on Environmental Compliance in NZ. We’ll explore next generation compliance tools, improving environmental performance, theories, innovations and practical applications in a New Zealand context.

Presentation topics will be structured within four key themes and attendees will be able to select which sessions they wish to attend. We are specifically seeking presenters who can address the following key 4 themes:

Compliance and Enforcement: The rules have changed, but have we? We want to investigate everyday monitoring issues facing compliance professionals and how we approach them, as well as how we incorporate Mātauranga Maori into compliance and enforcement. We’re keen to analyse case studies, look at lessons learned and relevant legal advice.

Compliance Innovations: How do we break ground without using last century’s spade? Let’s explore emerging technologies, out of the box collaboration and partnerships, relating to health and safety and risk assessments.

Legislation changes: When is a wetland not a wetland, when is a dam not a dam? From the ground up – how are we managing the large number of changes – how are organisations adapting to the changes and challenges presented with RMA Reform, NES-FM, 3 Waters Reform and Dam regulations?

Pollution Prevention and Incident Response: How do we reduce the number of ambulances at the bottom of the cliff? Let’s consider Kaitiakitanga, educating for pollution prevention, evidence gathering and community liaison and engagement – driving behaviour change through closer collaboration with community groups.



All abstracts must be submitted by Friday 26 May 2023, 4pm.

Submission of your bio, photo & abstract gives full authority for publication on the Environmental Compliance Conference website.

Acceptance is at the discretion of the Conference Committee. Submitters will be advised of their acceptance by late June 2023.

  • Your submission should include an indication of a presentation focus on ‘learning outcomes’ rather than a ‘show and tell’ approach. 

  • Your submission should be relevant to at least one of the four key themes.

  • Submissions that allow a degree of interactivity with attendees are preferred. 

  • Accepted presenters will be expected to have good presentation skills. 

  • Please think carefully about your abstract title as this cannot be changed once accepted.  The title must be no more than 36 characters (inc. spaces); you have the option of including a tagline if you need to expand on your title.

  • Abstracts must be no more than 1800 characters due to restrictions when compiling the conference handbook.

  • For presentations/workshops that have co-presenters please assign a lead presenter to be responsible for the abstract submission. If co-presenting, please complete the ‘co-presenter’ section on the submission form and ensure the abstract title is an exact match to what your lead presenter has provided.



  • All Speakers must register to attend the Conference. They can either purchase a full registration or a day registration for the day of their presentation. If a presenter wishes to come to the conference for their presentation only, they can register for a presentation only pass. This pass does not include any conference sessions, functions or catering, it will simply be entry for your presentation only.

  • Selected presentations/workshops must be presented by the author/s. If the author is unable to present, then you must provide a substitute presenter.

  • Acceptance of abstracts does not imply any payment from the Conference Committee.

  • Speakers must arrange and pay their own accommodation, travel etc. to attend the Conference, unless otherwise stated. 

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