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Ashes to ashes, dust to court

A review of an out-of-the-ordinary investigation involving offensive smoke discharges from the cremation of human remains at a funeral home in Tauranga on nine occasions between Nov 2021 and April 2022.

Unusual aspects of the case include enforcement officers completing FIDOL assessments subsequent to the event based on photo and video evidence from witnesses; use of a trail camera to monitor the site; consent conditions that do not place a limit on opacity of the discharge; and a neighbouring residential dwelling within 20m of the crematorium (and yes, the house was there first).

Join me on a journey through a wide-array of compliance actions including multiple abatement notices, a s128 consent review, and a prosecution.


Trudy Richards
Compliance Team Leader, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Trudy has been working with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council for six years as a senior investigator, and for the last 10 months, as the Team Leader for the Air, Industry and Response Compliance team. Prior to this, Trudy was a senior investigator with Greater Wellington Regional Council. 



Thursday 2 November


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