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Breakout Session

Absolute Clarity


Understanding water quality in the context of Envioronmental Compliance

Different regions and projects have varying consent conditions in relation to water clarity/ sediment discharge conditions and understanding these in practicable terms can be complicated. At first glance the discharge and consent requirements can appear daunting and complex, but like anything, with good training and support being able to meet the everyday compliance requirements becomes just another part of the project. During our presentation Joel and Jon will:


  • Examine “the why” and the potential effect of sediment on the receiving environment.

  • Give an overview of the Chemistry of coagulation and flocculation in layman’s terms and the recent history of Chemical Treatment in relation to Earthworks.

  • Put this into the context of common sediment control methods used on sites around the country like the sediment retention pond. Focusing on how to improve outcomes with the quality of water discharge.

  • Discuss the chemistry with the mainstream chemicals that we use, their history of water treatment and address any potential effects on the receiving Environment.

  • Give a clear and concise explanation of the typical requirements of typical consent conditions in relation to the rainfall discharge from site.

  • Break down the terminology that can be confusing, (TSS) Total Suspended Solids, NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Measurement) and Visual Clarity.  pH will be discussed, and activities on site that can affect pH rainwater and groundwater discharge. and Jon & Joel will give full understanding of the initial bench testing methodology, detail the contents of a Chemical Treatment Plan that are required as part on the consent approval process.

  • Discuss the on-site requirements of the contractor, testing methodology in the field and reporting requirements.




Jon Tomsett
Erosion & Sediment Control Specialist, Cirtex Industries


For 15 years Jon Tomsett ran a small Environmental Services Business in the Upper North Island delivering  Erosion Sediment Control solutions across Infrastructure, Construction, Quarrying and Forestry.  For the last 5 years he has been the Environmental Product Sales Specialist at Cirtex and supports the Company ESC products with on-site support and training. Jon is fully conversant with all areas of GD05 a our regional guidelines and holds a Batchelor of Science in Environmental Quality.


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