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Wednesday 13th Nov, 2:30pm



  • Hannah Duncum
    Environment Canterbury



Principal odour officer presents - what's stinking in Timaru?

My name is Hannah and I have an odour problem...

The lines between industrial and commercial areas over the years have slowly decreased in Timaru, the town now sits on the doorstep of industry.. Naturally with more people on the doorstep of the big industrial players, comes more responsibilities as a regional body to ensure processes on site are not causing adverse effects on the environment.

My presentation will focus on investigating compliance of odours to achieve positive outcomes within our community and how to do so effectively.

This presentation will encompass: Key learning outcomes around enforcement actions taken and examples of working with consent holders and the community. What processes and resources are accessible to ensure odours are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Odour is subjective - what I might find offensive, another may not. Are we effectively defining odour on a scale that we can assess, and the public understand?

Another issue is time, dropping everything to be at the exact location to ensure we are doing our due diligence to locate and substantiate any potential odour. This links to a key issue; are odours low impact on the environment? There are demonstrable impacts on the community and people, and the most complaints we receive are regarding odour.

Odours are causing a lot of stress and anger within the community, so what are we going to do about it?

In summary, our key outcome is to improve internal processes to address odour complaints while also working with external stakeholders to achieve voluntary compliance and tackle non-compliance issues as they arise.

20 minutes talk, 10 minutes questions and answers.

Hannah Duncum
Resource Monitoring Officer, Environment Canterbury


Is an Environment Canterbury Compliance Officer based in South Canterbury. She began her career with the regional council two years ago after completing her Bachelor of Environmental Management and Town Planning at Lincoln University. Hannah's portfolio consists of monitoring some of Timaru's large industrial sites such as the port, meat processing plants and milk factories.


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