Wednesday 13th Nov, 3:00pm



  • Dennis Bush-King
    Tasman District Council



This presentation will focus on the source of power exercised by enforcement officers - the warranted powers that come by virtue of an appointment to an office prescribed in legislation.  As a regulatory manager I am aware of the confusion that exists between warranted powers and delegated powers.  Enforcement officers need to be trained and understand the nature and scope of the powers they exercise.  Failure to do so, and failure to exercise those powers according to what would be regarded as best regulatory practice, could place in jeopardy any proceedings.  The presentation will explore what I believe are some of the procedures and protocols that should be put in place by a regulatory authority governing the exercise of warranted powers.

Dennis Bush-King
Environment and Planning Manager, Tasman District Council


Dennis has been the Environment and Planning Manager at Tasman District Council since November 1991.  As Tasman is a unitary authority, his portfolio of responsibilities include resource management, building control, public health, animal control, biosecurity, parking control, and maritime administration.  An eclectic mix of policy and regulatory functions.

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