Thursday 14th Nov, 1:30pm

Lead Presenter

  • Peter Taylor
    Environment Canterbury



  • TBA

And how to manage data.


Canterbury boasts more water take consents than the rest of New Zealand combined. With CME functions nearing a data science level of enquiry, ever increasing difficulty on LGOIMAs, and public perception on how water is managed, ECan is embarking on what is the most ambitious data management program of work in it's history. Starting in 2019, the Water Data Program will form the foundation to answer questions related to CME, state of the environment, consenting, plan effectiveness, and data transparency. This program will specifically delve into the world of a piece of water use data collected at the meter and delivered through a complex chain of custody to be used for CME. This presentation will follow that same piece of data from meter to compliance report in both the current and future states of water use CME at Environment Canterbury. Buckle up, were going into the data-sphere.


Presentation with PowerPoint - 20mins

Question time - 10mins

Peter Taylor
Resource Management Adviser - Water Data Project, Environment Canterbury


Peter is a Senior Compliance Officer with the Canterbury Regional Council. Nearing 3 years, hos focus is on water use monitoring and is seconded to the water data project - this includes: process development and developing fit for the future systems for delivering CME for the majority of New Zealand's consented water. Peter will be delivering one talk and is your MC for the event.