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Transforming compliance in waste
Driving improvements under the Waste Minimisation
Act 2008 

The Waste Operations team at the Ministry for the Environment implement the Ministry's only direct regulatory role, the central government compliance monitoring and enforcement role under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. This presentation will describe the scope and scale of this role, track the development of the compliance function from just 3 FTE in 2019 to the present team of 18 and increasingly mature regulatory function.

The transformation of the waste and resource recovery is generating significant new duties for a wide range of regulated communities. Our role is expanding with each new set of regulations or obligations that go live. Marie will share our experience of standing up a rapidly expanding function in an agency that is policy focused and demonstrate some of successes and learnings in the process. 


Marie Doole 
Principal Advisor, Ministry for the Environment 


Marie Doole is Principal Advisor, Compliance in the Waste Operations team at the Ministry for the Environment. She is the strategic lead for the only direct regulatory role the Ministry undertakes. Before joining the Ministry, Marie worked in local government RMA and Building Act enforcement, strategic policy, worked in the NGO sector in research and advocacy and spent time as a consultant. 




Wednesday 7th December

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