Moving Contractors Beyond Compliance


With extensive onsite experience and having delivered diverse environmental training around the country, Emma is able view the ‘big‐picture’ of what is occurring onsite.

In this session, Emma will discuss the identification of potential and actual risks associated with activities occurring / planned on general civil construction sites and relate these risks to industry standards and best practice controls.

The success of this approach has seen various Contractors not simply undertaking a box ticking exercise when implementing environmental controls, but accessing risks and identifying opportunities for improvement.




Wednesday 13th Nov, 11:00am



  • Emma Comrie-Thomson
    4Sight Consulting

Emma Comrie-Thomson
Principal Environmental Risk and Safety Consultant, 4Sight Consulting


Emma is a Principal Environmental Risk and Safety Consultant with industry‐leading expertise in environmental and health and safety onsite assessments, explaining the legal obligations of projects/operations to contractors (and project managers) and working together to raise environmental awareness and find workable solutions too many of the common risks on sites.

Emma is a Certified Environmental Practitioner with the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand.