Wednesday 13th Nov,  2:30pm

Lead Presenter


  • Nathan Speir
    Rice Speir



  • Laura Bielby
    Rice Speir



In this interactive session Nathan Speir and Laura Bielby of Rice Speir Lawyers will discuss their recent involvement in a number of 'subdivisions by stealth', with a focus on the Building Act and RMA compliance issues that these developments so often present. 

As the demand for housing increases, so do the instances of subdivision or development by stealth.  During the presentation, Nathan and Laura will discuss the often complicated Building Act and RMA compliance issues that such sites present, including a discussion on recent examples of particularly problematic developments that have required councils to use almost all of the available tools in their compliance and enforcement toolbox.

Nathan and Laura will discuss the range of potential avenues open to councils under both the Building Act and the RMA, and talk through the various tools (and combinations of tools) that councils are using to combat compliance issues.

The presentation will then shift to a more general discussion on the relationship between the Building Act and the RMA in a compliance and enforcement context, and the way that these two pieces of legislation can serve different functions yet can also work hand-in-hand to tackle the difficult compliance issues that councils are increasingly faced with.  For troublesome properties that involve a myriad of issues, Nathan and Laura will discuss the ways that councils can manage enforcement action to ensure that their statutory processes align.

The compliance issues associated with subdivisions or development by stealth demonstrate the need for council officers to be familiar with all of the available compliance and enforcement tools (RMA and Building Act), and Nathan and Laura look forward to sharing their learnings with you.

Nathan Speir
Partner, Rice Speir


Nathan, a partner at Rice Speir Lawyers, has considerable experience in the area of compliance and enforcement. Nathan leads the compliance and enforcement team and is an experienced prosecutor who has been involved in cases covering the full spectrum of criminal and regulatory offending.


Laura Bielby
Associate, Rice Speir


Laura is an Associate in the compliance and enforcement team at Rice Speir Lawyers.  Laura specialises  in environmental and resource management law. Laura is frequently involved in matters relating environmental offending, and has acted for councils and other clients in relation to RMA and Building Act compliance and enforcement issues.