Should we call an expert?
Expert witnesses in RMA cases

Why do you need expert witnesses?

How and when should you use them?

How can expert evidence affect the outcome of your case?

In this session we explore and discuss how to approach expert evidence, pitfall, benefits and lessons from recent cases.


Jamie O'Sullivan
Principal, Luke Cunningham Clere


Jamie is Principal at Luke Cunningham Clere and a Senior Crown prosecutor. Jamie specialises in RMA work and is an experienced advocate across a range of criminal and regulatory matters, from investigation, to trial, and appeals.


Andrew Britton
Principal, Luke Cunningham Clere


Andrew specialises in environmental, regulatory, criminal and civil proceedings, strategy and advice. He helps a broad range of government departments, Crown entities, independent statutory bodies, and regional and territorial authorities successfully litigate and resolve complex legal issues in varied contexts. He is a Crown Prosecutor and holds law and criminal justice degress from Auckland, Oxford and Cambridge Universities.




Wednesday 7th December, 2:00pm