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Should we call an expert?
Expert witnesses in RMA cases

Why do you need expert witnesses?

How and when should you use them?

How can expert evidence affect the outcome of your case?

In this session we explore and discuss how to approach expert evidence, pitfall, benefits and lessons from recent cases.


Jamie O'Sullivan
Independent Barrister


Jamie is an independent barrister and expert litigator with a specialisation in environmental and regulatory law. She has acted for councils in a large number of cases since 2006 and is an excellent advisor and in-court advocate.

Working closely with councils and their investigators, Jamie’s extensive experience enables her to provide high-quality legal advice that is strategic and practical. As a former senior Crown prosecutor, she has significant court experience in serious cases across multiple regulatory regimes, before both juries and judges. Jamie is well-versed investigative powers, privacy, disclosure, and evidence, and supports councils to achieve best practice through training and policy/process advice. She is also an experienced appellate advocate and has represented councils and the Crown in the High Court and Court of Appeal. 

Jamie is a member of Kate Sheppard Chambers, lives in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington and regularly appears in courts throughout the country.


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Wednesday 7th December, 2:00pm

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