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Security in the Abatement  Process


A presentation of when issuing an abatement notice, choosing correctly whether to issue a “to do” or “to cease” Abatement Notice, and what may happen when a “Stay” on an Abatement Notice is granted. The presentation follows a case where the potential threat for legal action to be taken against Council was present following the issue and stay of an Abatement Notice


Wednesday 7th December, 3:00pm


Terry Hewitt
Resource Management Officer, Environment Canterbury


Terry Hewitt has been employed by Environment Canterbury for the last three years as a Compliance Officer. His portfolio consists of irrigation Schemes, water use compliance, rural compliance and incident response. He comes from a background of 20 years working in the Dairy Industry and 10 years working in the Aviation Industry. Terry's talk will revolve around the legal aspects involved in delivering an Abatement Notice with a case study.


Marie Dysart
Resource Management Practitioner, Environment Canterbury


Marie is a resource management practitioner with Environment Canterbury.  She has represented the council on resource consent appeals, prosecutions, enforcement orders and declarations.  Her recent work includes topics of air and water quality, water use and allocation and contaminated site remediation.  Prior to studying law Marie was a science teacher.


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