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RMA Enforcement 201


This presentation will:

  • describe the process for an RMA investigation

  • provide detailed information on the more serious enforcement options available under the Resource Management Act 1991.  It will explain the purpose of each option, how to decide which option to use and how to use each option.  It will cover the following topics:

  • Making enforcement decisions and deciding appropriate enforcement

  • Abatement notices

  • Applying for enforcement orders

  • Prosecutions, including:

    • Investigation for prosecution

    • Role of officer in charge

    • Court procedure

    • Giving evidence


Two hours - presentation with questions throughout.


Wednesday 7th December, 2:00pm (60min)


Janet Whiteside
Principal Specialist Regulatory Compliance, Licensing & Regulatory Compliance, Auckland Council


Janet Whiteside is a Principal Specialist Regulatory Compliance with Auckland Council. She graduated with an LLB from Auckland University and has been admitted to the Bar in New Zealand and Fiji.  She has been involved in compliance and enforcement for 33 years in organisations ranging from the then Race Relations Office to the Commerce Commission.  She has held senior positions in compliance and enforcement with Auckland Council, and previously Auckland Regional Council for 15 years.


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