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Re-purposing an Abatement Notice
Using an everyday tool to achieve a better outcome

The humble abatement notice is 101 in a compliance officers repertoire, it can be overlooked as a trivial and everyday part of the compliance officers toolbox, and is frequently considered one of the first enforcement options available to deal with low level non-compliance.

This presentation will demonstrate that given the right circumstances an Abatement Notice can be very effective in tackling higher level compliance issues resulting in long term meaningful changes in non-compliant behaviour, whilst being less complex than enforcement orders and less work and cost to the regulator than a full investigation and prosecution.

This co presented session will canvas two examples, where enforcement officers have used abatement notices on a regional scale to address significant and ongoing environmental issues in two different industry sectors (Earthworks and Farm Dairy Effluent). The presenters will highlight how they used best practice to build the necessary compliance history to consider a region wide abatement notice and how this resulted in more bang for buck in the long term.


Thursday 8th December, 3:10pm


Hamish Sutherland
Senior Consents Monitoring Officer, Horizons Regional Council


I have been employed as a Senior Consents Monitoring Officer at Horizons Regional Council for the previous 8 years. I manage the earthworks monitoring program for Horizons and will soon be leading the compliance monitoring for the NZTA Te Ahu a Turanga project in the Manawatu. Prior to Horizons my background was in geotechnical and environmental engineering.


Georgia Hodges
Consents Monitoring Officer, Horizons Regional Council 


I have being employed as a Consents Monitoring Officer for Horizons Regional Council for the last 3.5 years. In this role my focus is predominantly Farm Dairy Effluent monitoring and Intensive Farming Land Use compliance. I also have involvement with Pollution Response and Forestry monitoring. Prior to working at Horizons, i was studying a Bachelor of Agri Science at Massey University. 


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