Michelle Sharp
Director, Kilmarnock


After spending the majority of her career at the top of the corporate ladder, Michelle Sharp realised her life’s mission was not to maximise shareholder profit returns; it was to create a more inclusive society for all.  So she moved across the world to pursue her calling in New Zealand, where she encountered Kilmarnock.


In 2012, she became CEO of the Christchurch-based charity, but the road to success was not easy.


As a result of losing over 30% of their income due to the cancellation of the ANZAC Poppy contract in 2011, Kilmarnock quickly found themselves on the brink of financial collapse.


Today, they are a thriving “business with a heart”, and living proof to the world that if you put people and planet at the forefront of your decision making, the profit will follow.


The story behind Michelle’s journey of innovation and Kilmarnock’s rebirth will inspire all who listen.”

PO Box 106481
Auckland City 1143


Tel: +64 9 520 6277

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