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MfE Presentation on New Enforcement Tools

The resource management reform programme has been an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate our approach to compliance monitoring and enforcement. A range of changes to the way we manage risk, deter offending and punish and remediate due to noncompliance are likely to be made within the Natural and Built Environments Act. Of particular interest will be the transition in practice from one regime to another, a process that will take several years. The Ministry’s RM Reform compliance team will present a short overview of proposed changes and invite questions from the floor for discussion. The Bill will be moving its way through Parliament, so the scope and focus of the session will need to mindful of process and confidentiality requirements.


Marie Doole
Principal Advisor, Ministry for the Environment 


Marie Doole is Principal Advisor, Compliance in the Waste Operations team at the Ministry for the Environment. She is the strategic lead for the only direct regulatory role the Ministry undertakes. Before joining the Ministry, Marie worked in local government RMA and Building Act enforcement, strategic policy, worked in the NGO sector in research and advocacy and spent time as a consultant.


Joseph Edlin
Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry for the Environment


Joseph Edlin is a Senior Policy Analyst in the resource management reform team at MfE, specifically focussing on compliance monitoring and enforcement in the future RM system. He has been directly involved in developing the compliance and enforcement framework and regulatory tools in the NBA. Before joining the Ministry Joseph worked in local government RMA compliance, enforcement, freshwater policy and has spent time as a sustainability consultant in the primary sector and various research projects.


Jos Fryer
Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry for the Environment


Jos has been Senior Policy Analyst at the Ministry for the Environment, specialising in compliance monitoring and enforcement. He has over 15 years experience in administering the RMA at both district and regional levels as a compliance officer, consenting planner, and policy professional. Jos’s favourite things are lamingtons, kombucha, and abatement notices.




Thursday 8th December

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