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Mental Health Factors
In the context of regulatory prosecutions

This presentation will explore the relevance of mental health factors in regulatory prosecutions. Recent case law illustrates an awareness on the role of mental health in the offending behaviour of individuals in a compliance context, including the relevance of mental health factors in not only at the sentencing end of a prosecution process, but also in the exercise of discretion to prosecute and whether to continue with a prosecution once one has begun. Stuart Ryan is a former Council prosecutor. Anthony Rogers is a senior criminal practitioner and is on a panel representing applicants under the Mental Health legislation.


Wednesday 7th December


Anthony Rogers


Anthony is a senior barrister specialising in criminal law prosecutions and Mental Health Act applications. Anthony has extensive trial experience in both the District Court and High Court. He has appeared in numerous criminal appeals, including to the Privy Council. Anthony is on the panel of lawyers approved to represent people on applications under the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992. Anthony is a contributing author to a leading text, Adams on Criminal Law.


Stuart Ryan

Stuart Ryan is a barrister with a resource management and public/local government law practice, based in Auckland. He has 30 year’ litigation experience in New Zealand, and is a controlling editor for Salmon Resource Management Act.


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