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Managing Biofouling in Auckland


Hull surveillance and vessel biofouling - investigation and enforcement - Ana Paskaleff & Adrian Wilson

This presentation will describe the practical and legal aspects of dealing with bio-fouling and marine pests on vessels in the coastal marine area.  It will include:

  • What bio-fouling is.

  • The new Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan 2020-2030 marine provisions.

  • Hauraki Gulf Controlled Area Notice 2020.

  • How 'level of fouling' is measured

  • How to investigate biofouling non-compliance.

  • Auckland's regional hull surveillance programme and compliance.

  • The application of the Resource Management Act 1991.

  • Managing new to the area marine pests.

  • Abandoned vessels in the coastal marine area.

  • The experiences of Auckland Council while dealing with the issue of biofouling.


30 minutes - presentation with questions throughout. 


Wednesday 7th December, 3:00pm


Ana Paskaleff
Senior Project Specialist, Auckland Council


I'm currently working in Proactive Compliance with Marine Biosecurity, trying to prevent vessels from being a pathway to spread marine pests to our high value costal marine areas within Auckland. Educating vessel owners and affected parties on our biofouling rules and the Regional Pest Management Plan 2020-2030, along with hull surveillance is my focus.  My background and career at Auckland Council is in environmental compliance.


Adrian Wilson


Details will be available here soon


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