Wednesday 13th Nov, 11:30am

Lead Presenter


  • Jesse Hindt
    Auckland Council



  • TBA

Targeted Compliance - Limiting its spread


Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau is home to two expansive Kauri forests.  The Waitākere Ranges, with the highest rate of Kauri Dieback infection in the region - and the Hunua Ranges, thought to be the last significant native forest to be free from the disease.

One speck of soil carrying the disease is enough to infect an area. With no known cure, the outcome is almost certain.  Prevention is the only practical means of limiting its spread.

Education campaigns, a rāhui from tangata whenua, area restrictions and outright closures have built-up an awareness. Heavily infected areas have been closed to limit the disease's spread.  Our last known disease-free areas have been closed in an effort to protect them.  Signs, fences and barriers have been installed to warn people of the risk that entering these areas poses to Kauri.

Despite all this, some people are choosing to take the risk.  Some people are choosing to climb fences, vandalise signs and barriers, to run or bike through closed-areas with little or no regard to the consequences of their actions.

Experience has shown us that being in the right-place at the right-time is critical. How do we effectively target these people and hold them to account for their actions?  Where non-compliance is dynamic and evolving, how have we remained agile and adaptable to change?

Come hear how intelligence-led, targeted compliance is being used in this context.  Hear what we've learnt and what results we've had so far.

Jesse Hindt
Kauri Dieback Compliance Team Leader, Auckland Council


Jesse has 10 years experience in local government across multiple compliance disciplines.

He has been leading the establishment of a new risk-based and intelligence-led Kauri Dieback compliance function for Auckland Council. The Kauri Dieback Compliance Team was formed to combat non-compliance threating Kauri.

As team lead, he is responsible for delivering effective and targeted compliance-campaigns to address behavioural trends that present the greatest risk to Kauri across Tāmaki Makaurau.