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Jerome Partington

Associate Principal & Sustainability Manager, Jasmax


Guest Speaker

Jerome is trained in architecture (BA Arch(Hons) PGDip Arch UK), is a leader in sustainable design and an educator and facilitator for Integration and Regenerative Development in NZ. A self-professed lifelong learner, Jerome has dedicated his career to a living systems design approach -being an advocate for nature and communities that can reciprocally sustain themselves, particularly within the design and construction sector, winning multiple awards for his efforts.

He introduced the 'Integrative Design Process' to New Zealand in 2005, the' Living Building Challenge' in 2011 and 'Regenerative Development' or 'Whole Living Systems Design' in 2015. He has offered 100s of presentations and training for diverse people and project teams. Helping shift their thinking towards the community and ecological health and demonstrating where the financial and infrastructure extra value-add are created. His has been an educator, green-design advisor (NZGBC GSAP and ILFI Living Future Accredited) and team facilitator across multiple typologies including residential, healthcare, tertiary, schools, commercial, civic, infrastructure and community projects. 2020 saw Jerome lead a Community Purpose workshop for the Islamic Leadership of Christchurch, future direction.
Jerome creates opportunities for our planning, design and construction sector to work more creatively and systemically, to generate te mauri and health for our cities, places and people, knowing that creating broad will and motivation for transformational change and healing the relationship with nature, is more essential than solving the siloed existential problems we have created.

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