Thursday 14th Nov, 10:30am
Forestry NES-PF Panel Discussion



  • Sarah Helleur
    Environment Canterbury


Forestry.  This is a hotly debated subject at the moment.  With the current emphasis on climate change world-wide, the forestry sector has a large and important part to play in helping Governments meet their obligations under climate and carbon emissions protocols.  This, in turn has brought with it a number of legislative issues that Regional and Territorial Authorities, companies and individuals have had to come to terms with.  One of the main ones for Environment Canterbury has been the understanding, implementation and monitoring of the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry that came into effect in May 2018. While it has brought a set of rules to provide consistency throughout the forestry sector nationally, it has also brought challenges for Councils, businesses and individuals in understanding the legislation and fitting it around Regional and Local plans and other Government initiatives like the 1 Billion Trees programme and the Emissions Trading Scheme. These challenges are being overcome through the creation of specialist forestry roles within Councils and open, pro-active discussions amongst Councils, the forestry sector and individuals; forging a better legislative understanding and working relationship for all.

Sarah Helleur
Resource Management Officer - Forestry, Environment Canterbury


I started with Environment Canterbury in January as a Resource Management Officer for Forestry to oversee the NES-PF.  I graduated from Canterbury University with a Bachelor of Forestry science degree and worked in the forestry sector in New Zealand (with the Selwyn Plantation Board in Darfield) and then with the Forestry Commission in the UK as the recreation Ranger for Cornwall and North Devon. I then raised a family before returning to the forestry sector this year