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Enforcement Orders: A User's Guide


Enforcement orders are an important tool in every council's compliance toolbox but, in our experience, are often seen by councils as something to avoid at all costs.  There is probably good reason for this!  As with any matter involving the Court, the enforcement order process can potentially be inefficient, expensive and ultimately ineffective. 

While we are sure you can all cite situations where an application for enforcement orders has gone horribly wrong, in this interactive session Jade Magrath and Laura Bielby of Rice Speir Lawyers will speak about enforcement orders in a different light.  Over the past few years, we have had many positive experiences with enforcement orders (both interim and final) that have resulted in a timely and cost-effective solution and resolved complex compliance issues that had the potential to drag on for years. 

The key to success is all in the preparation of the application and, in this session, we will discuss how to get this right, and ensure that the process is timely, cost-effective and, most importantly, successful.  With reference to recent case studies we have been involved in, we will discuss common legal and investigative pitfalls, how to ensure you have the right evidence, working with your legal provider to keep costs down, multi-agency applications, and the benefits of seeking orders by consent. 



Thursday 8th December, 11:30am (60min)


Laura Bielby
Director, Rice Speir


Laura specialises in environmental, resource management and local government law. She has long-standing experience in representing regulators and private-sector clients in a wide range of resource management matters. This experience allows her to understand the approach of the regulator and to evaluate appropriate tactics and strategy when defending cases. Her skill-set includes negotiating, council hearings, Court-assisted mediations and Environment and District court appearances.


Jade Magrath
Associate – Environmental, resource management and local government law, Rice Speir


As an experienced litigator who represents our clients in environmental, resource management and local government law cases, Jade puts people first. She is quick to get to the heart of a problem and, once there, knows how to work alongside others to identify smart solutions. Having acted for many councils around the country, Jade is well placed to assist our clients with making difficult decisions and giving effect to them in a justifiable way.


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