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Wednesday 13th Nov, 1:30pm.

Lead Presenter


  • Andrew Britton 
    Luke Cunningham Clere.


  • Jamie O'Sullivan
    Luke Cunningham Clere.

An overview of the issues


The use of drone technology is an emerging area of the law of potentially great utility to regional and territorial authorities in carrying out compliance, monitoring and enforcement responsibilities.  However, key legal and practical issues arise as to the lawful bounds and manner in which the technology is used.  The correct interpretation of key statutes, and the considered and careful use of the technology, will inevitably dictate its lawfulness.  This session will provide a high-level overview of the issues at play, and sketch how regional and territorial councils can maximise the benefits of drones in their day-to-day activities.

Andrew Britton
Senior Associate, Crown Prosecutor, Luke Cunningham Clere


Andrew is an experienced advocate specialising in public, regulatory, professional disciplinary, and criminal proceedings, and enforcement strategy and advice.  He regularly in courts of first instance and appeal on behalf of the Crown and a range of government departments, Crown entities, independent statutory bodies, regional authorities, and individuals.  Andrew also conducts criminal proceeds recovery work for the Commissioner of Police.

Jamie O'Sullivan
Senior Associate, Crown Prosecutor, Luke Cunningham Clere


Jamie is a Senior Associate at Luke Cunningham Clere. Jamie specialises in RMA prosecutions. As an experienced trial litigator, she regularly conducts trials in the District and High Courts.  She has also represented the Crown in the Court of Appeal on a number of matters, including on appeal against conviction under the Resource Management Act 1991. Jamie conducts complex regulatory prosecutions, disciplinary proceedings, and appeals for a variety of government agencies and other bodies. 

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