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Down to Earth
Looking after our environment

We're in an exciting new era of small satellite technology - one that's making life on Earth better. We all rely on satellites. They connect us, keep us safe, help us understand our planet and manage our impact on it, and enable us to innovate and explore.

Space is the ultimate high ground. It provides us with a new perspective on the challenges facing our planet, and can be the key to helping us solve them.

Rocket Lab is enabling companies, students, scientists, researchers, governments and entrepreneurs alike to get their ideas to orbit, right now.

The satellites Rocket Lab builds and launches are keeping countries connected and borders protected, they're monitoring weather and managing waste, they're providing insights on climate change, and helping us manage resources for future generations.

By unlocking the potential of space, we are making a tangible difference to life on Earth.

While engaging with agencies on a global basis on subjects such as environmental kaupapa, orbital debris mitigation, lunar exploration, and planetary protection - how do we ensure we continuously improve our immediate and global environment while launching rockets - all with the aim of missions to the Moon, Venus, and beyond?


Wednesday 7th December, 4:15pm


Emma Comrie-Thomson
Principal, Licensing Compliance & Safety, Rocket Lab


Emma's role has overall responsibility for defining and implementing Rocket Lab's approach to delivering continued compliance to a variety of federal, regulatory, and customer standards.

Engaging with agencies on a global basis on subjects such as launch safety, environmental responsibilities, orbital debris mitigation, lunar exploration, and planetary protection.....all with the aim of supporting launches of the Electron rocket, Photon satellites, and missions to the Moon, Venus and beyond!


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