Thursday 14th Nov, 10:30am
Forestry NES-PF Panel Discussion



  • Jared Crowley
    Horizons Regional Council



This presentation will discuss the emerging issues associated with the NES-Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) that came into affect on 1 May 2018.

It will  provide a background of how forestry monitoring in the Horizons Region was pre NES-PF and the direction the Council is heading now from a compliance perspective. Touching on how Horizons has transitioned from its existing regional plan rules to the NES-PF and the range of issues that came with this, then going into detail of how Horizons has built and implemented a successful compliance monitoring programme utilising existing staff resourcing.

It will describe the compliance programme from the ground up, such as the PA notification processes it has in place for the 5 notifiable activities under the NES-PF. In conjunction with how, out of these activities and resource consents issued the Council determines high risk sites that then require site inspections.

It will describe examples of non-compliance being identified on site and how the Council is dealing with this. A large part of the presentation will focus on how Horizons is organising helicopter flyovers to assess compliance of these activities in conjunction with routine inspections.

It will concentrate on what compliance issues were identified at the first flyover in Whanganui in February 2019 and what enforcement tools were utilised to lift the bar in terms of compliance.

Examples of aerial and ground inspection images will be used throughout the presentation to show what the Council is finding. With comparisons before and after enforcement action is issued to show this lift in compliance.

It will also delve into the Councils regulatory procedure and evidence collection on site, reporting off site and cost recovery of PA activities.


Jared Crowley
Senior Consents Monitoring Officer, Horizons Regional Council


I have been employed by Horizons Regional Council as a consents monitoring officer for the last 3.5 years based out of Whanganui. In this role I project manage the Horizon's dairy and forestry compliance programmes, particularly the implementation of the NES-PF. I have also been involved in monitoring earthworks and industrial activities along with pollution response and undertaking investigations. Prior to Horizons I was a dairy compliance officer for Waikato Regional Council for 2.5 years.