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Compliance and Growth Challenges


Managing compliance, monitoring and enforcement challenges within a rapidly growing and changing district whilst applying and promoting an educational and solutions based model of approach consistently.

Selwyn District Council has seen a rapid growth within residential and industrial development throughout the district over the last 10 years, which when coupled with the additional growth in relation to community assets such as pools, libraries and public facilities, has created unique challenges in managing compliance obligations. 

This growth has presented Council with many challenges due to the volume of cases to investigate, meeting legislative requirements and timeframes, and responding to the heightened expectations of a continually increasing population and how all issues are managed.    This significant growth has also created a high demand on available human resources.

SDC has adopted a solutions based approach as a main model in trying to educate, resolve, and prevent issues reoccurring, whilst managing the legal requirements and timeframes of more formal enforcement actions and potential prosecutions should it be required.

The intention of this abstract is to share how this unique and significant growth challenge has forced a rethink in approach to how Council can achieve the best outcomes, and how this has been implemented through education, and collaboration, whilst managing and meeting our legal obligations.  We also want to highlight how we tackle resurfacing historic cases with this fresh approach.

Changes in growth are an issue for many councils, and whilst challenging, can provide a valuable opportunity to rethink how we can review our approach to these issues. 

We anticipate that this presentation will outline the success of an alternative approach when managing compliance monitoring and enforcement to gain the best possible outcomes for the community in a challenging environment of unique and rapid growth.


Wednesday 7th December, 11:30am


Billy Charlton
Regulatory Manager, Selwyn district Counil


Graduating with a M.Sc. (Hons) in Geography in 2000 from the University of Canterbury, Billy has a passion for people, place and culture and their influence on the environment.

Working in local government over the last 20 years with the last five as Regulatory Manager gives the opportunity to be part of a wider team looking after the best interests of the people and the environment of Selwyn.

In his spare time he is an enthusiastic traveler and has a positive addiction to cycling.

Paul Rogers
Partner, Adderley Head


Court work, criminal, civil and commercial disputes at a District and High Court level is where I started. 

Early, I developed a very strong interest in planning law, now environmental law.  Ultimately, I specialised in environmental law representing city, regional and district councils, corporate and private clients in a wide variety of forums, advocating and negotiating on their behalf.

Outside of work i enjoy live theatre and am a keen reader.


Susan Atherton
Compliance Team Leader, Selwyn District Council


With over 20 years investigative experience, the last four as Team Leader of the compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement team at SDC.

I enjoy the challenges of the role and seeking out new ways of improving how we progress.  


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