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Charging and sentencing trends for forestry offending

The framing of charges in forestry offending can be complex and have a real impact on the Court's construction of an appropriate sentence.  In this session, we will discuss these issues, identify apparent sentencing trends, and critique developments.


Thursday 8th December, 2:45pm


Andrew Britton
Principal, Crown Prosecutor, Luke Cunningham Clere


Andrew specialises in environmental, regulatory, criminal and civil proceedings, strategy and advice. He helps a broad range of government departments, Crown entities, independent statutory bodies, and regional and territorial authorities successfully litigate and resolve complex legal issues in varied contexts. He is a Crown Prosecutor and holds law and criminal justice degress from Auckland, Oxford and Cambridge Universities.


Jamie O'Sullivan
Principal,Luke Cunningham Clere


Jamie is Principal at Luke Cunningham Clere and a Senior Crown prosecutor. Jamie specialises in RMA work and is an experienced advocate across a range of criminal and regulatory matters, from investigation, to trial, and appeals. 


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