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Agency Responsibilities
under HSNO


The Hazardous Substances & New Organisms -HSNO Act 1996 controls the manufacture of hazardous substances in New Zealand (NZ) and the import of hazardous substances to NZ.

On 1 December 2017 the HSNO Act was amended, and changed the way hazardous substances are managed, and controls enforced across workplaces in New Zealand.

Amendments to Section 97 of the HSNO Act identified several agencies having hazardous substance enforcement responsibilities under different circumstances, including a broader role for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and a more targeted role for WorkSafe.

In December 2020, the EPA published a guide to assist the enforcement agencies determine who is responsible under the HSNO Act for enforcing hazardous substance requirements following an incident or non-compliance, and helps them work out who is the lead agency, who has a supporting role, and where the responsibilities overlap.

Learn about the changes to the HSNO Act, what agencies have a role in HSNO and the circumstances where enforcement responsibilities apply to each agency.


Thursday 8th December, 3:40pm


Kareema Yousif
Senior Enforcement Officer, Environmental Protection Authority "EPA"


I'm a qualified chemical engineer and have worked in designing petrochemical projects in my home country.

I joined Wellington City Council in August 2003 as a District Hazardous Substances Enforcement Officer, to enforce HSNO at workplaces ( contract with WorkSafe), process building and resource consents for hazardous substances installations, attending emergencies and enforcing HSNO at non-workplaces.

I joined the EPA in April 2016 a Senior Advisor , now a Senior Compliance Officer  with CME


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