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Thursday 14th Nov, 10:30am

Lead Presenter


  • Graham Jones
    Auckland Council



  • TBA

Maybe a revolution not evolution!


Auckland Council have for some years tried to improve small sites compliance. It's a major problem given the volume of construction within the region.

Recently there has been a shift in political pressure, various Facebook and other social groups have been putting pressure on the Council to improve water quality. Sediment into the marine environment is a hot topic, small sites are known to be a major contributory factor. 

To improve small sites compliance, we have initiated a "Gap" pilot project. The purpose of the project is to try and get out to small sites soon after a Building Consent is granted, regardless of other routine inspections or notifications.

This pilot project has been designed to proactively intervein at an early stage in a build, ensuring that adequate erosion and sediment controls are installed. The long-term intention is to look at a where we place our resources and find a smarter way to work

Whilst we are in the pilot phase of the project we are also looking at the use of technology to direct these proactive visits.

We are currently working on trial of commercial Satellite data to direct visits on the ground. This satellite data is to be provided on a weekly basis and we are looking at changes in ground state to direct those "on the ground "activities.

Following data analysis and ground truthing, we will be able to report on the effectiveness of this approach at the conference      

Graham Jones
Senior Project Specialist, Auckland Council


Graham is a Senior Project Specialist in Auckland Councils Targeted Initiatives team and has been with both Auckland Council and the former North Shore City since 2007. Previous to that Graham was in law enforcement for 18yrs 

Graham has previously project managed Auckland Councils small sites project, and has been project managing SH1 upgrade Puhoi to Warkworth but has this year returned to the small sites arena to project manage Auckland Councils latest small sites "Gap" initiative


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